Even with the growing popularity of using the laptop for full time computing requirements, it still cannot be replaced by a solid desktop computer. And with the way technology is advancing, desktop computers like the HP Touch Smart 600-1370 All-in-One Desktop Computer System, have a lot more features than any laptop on the market today. Which is the key reason why I decided to give you a little more information on this incredible computer system.

I'll be evaluating some of the many great features of this desktop system. First off, this kind of computer includes a brilliant 23 inch, full HD, 1080p touch screen LCD display. The recognition of tablets like the ipad has caused a consumer desire pertaining to touch screen devices so it is great that this all-in-one system comes with it standard.

But that's not all of course, it comes with Windows 7 Home Premium Edition and it comes loaded with 4GB of RAM which can be upgradeable to 8GB providing you with the flexibility to run many applications at once.

And for those of you who love to keep photos, movies and music on your computer you won't have to worry about how much storage space you've got left because this computer also comes with a 1TB Hard Drive built in. And if you have that kind of storage, do you really think you need an external hard drive again

And just when you consider it doesn't get any better, this system also comes with a 6 in 1 digital media reader, built in webcam and a DVD burner Scotts Reel Mower. These characteristics alone may seem rather common and they are, but it doesn't stop there.

With almost all of the world starting to switch over to Blu-ray, this computer also comes with a built in Blu-ray player. This provides you with the ability to watch beautiful HD videos off your ultra sharp high definition monitor. What's also nice is when you get tired of watching all that HD goodness, you can watch a little television. This system includes a tv turner and dvr option so you can watch your favorite tv shows live or record them for later viewing.

The system also comes installed with a collection of applications by HP that take advantage of touch screen technology. You will get HP's Touch Smart Music, Touch Smart Video, Touch Smart Photo, Touch Smart Calendar and the Touch Smart Webcam. Scotts 2000 Reel Mower All this software allowing you to take full control of the touch screen technology is included in the all in one package.

In closing, for anyone looking to update their desktop computer or even if you're looking to get your first desktop, the HP Touch Smart 600-1370 All-in-One Desktop Computer System is a package like no other. Amazon.com is actually presenting this computer system for merely $1,199 which is $511 off of the retail price saving you 30% on this computer deal.