The crawl rate for a given website means how fast Google's bots come back to check for updates and new content. There are plenty of different things that can have a big impact on website crawl rates. The one thing you need to take home after reading this article is just how important it is for the success of your website that it is crawled as often as possible. Do you want to know what the benefits are When your site gets crawled more frequently, the new material you add will be recognized and indexed more frequently too.
There are a few small steps you can take in the right direction to ensure that Google notices what's happening on your site.
Recognize the fact that sitemaps are vital tools for websites and blogs alike.
Your site is not living up to its potential by a long shot if it doesn't have a sitemap. Search engine spiders need a little help, through sitemaps, to navigate through all the information on your site to find what's new and recent, if you don't have one they may miss something important. WordPress users can appreciate the simplicity of the plugin called "Google XML Sitemaps" that builds the sitemap for you so you don't have to do anything extra. Web masters looking to get more love from Google bots can't afford to miss out on the many benefits that sitemaps provide in this endeavor.
Avoid blackhat SEO strategies at all costs. The end. It really never pays to go blackhat and try to get one over on Google when there are so many effective and honest methods out there that work even better. The results of going blackhat can be severe and end up forcing you to start over and rebuild from scratch because you could potential ruin your relationship with Google. Some marketers will enjoy a few short-term boosts in traffic from these techniques but they are short-lived and extremely risky. All of this means that your website's crawl rate will suffer because the search engines will obviously find your site repelling, not appealing. Common blackhat methods include keyword stuffing, doorway pages, invisible text, etc. Shift your focus to proper methods of SEO and providing quality content and you'll see a definite improvement in crawl rates for your site.
Use the tools that Google provides webmasters in order to see just how often your site is being crawled by Google. This tool will tell you a lot more than just the crawl rates and can be used to judge the performance of your site as well as where there is room for improvement. Using such simple tools you will be able to gain an upper hand and get an edge over the competition when it comes to improving your relationship with the big G. After you've made your move and gotten the improved crawl rates you'll have to stay the course so you can maintain your good fortune.
In addition to the steps above, always make adding value to your site a priority. This alone is what will get the more frequent attention of those elusive Google spiders. Google's bots and visitors alike will find it hard to deny the appeal of a site that is filled with informative content.